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Moving In To Position
In this early phase you will need 
to focus on the foundational structure around how you will build your business. We will focus on creating a vision for your next 1-3 years in business. You will learn about business models, marketing strategies, attracting more clients, and how to position your business 
to win. On the personal side, you 
will learn about work/life integration, planning your exceptional life, learning the steps to create your future and achieve unlimited success and fulfillment.  
Kathleen Field Products & Services

This program is designed to help clients discover exactly what they need to do in order to meet and exceed specific goals they have set for themselves. Some clients come with health, family, career or financial goals.  Others come with a clear awareness that they simply have lost sight of how to live a full and happy life. Since many of us start out deciding what we would like to see happen based soley on what we have been programmed to believe is possible for each of us, we often end up feeling short changed in the end because we didn't go for the things we felt most passionate about. We settled--and we settled for less. I work 100% committed to making sure my clients have a much deeper understanding of and connection to their heart's desires so they set their goals from that truth and knowledge first. By doing this, you get to design and live your life according to what truly brings you joy!  Once you fully realize the empowerment and freedom- not to mention joy and fulfillment, living this way brings, you will never want to go back to living your life by default!     

Please call me at (617) 719-2347 to schedule a "Complimentary Call".  When you do, I am better able to hear exactly what it is you are looking to accomplish and then I can discuss with you the various options you have for our working together!  I can assure you,once you get a taste of what it is truly like to build and live your life by your own design, you will find yourself wishing you had done it much sooner.  Please visit my client testimonial page and hear what others just like you have to say!  


A Helping Hand 

If you find yourself wishing you could have someone come in on a short term basis and help you handle one or more challenges you may be facing, then feel free to contact me. Often times business owners greatly benefit from an objective observer at the business and the sound expert advice from someone who has been there before. 
It is much better to ask for help the minute you think you may need it, rather than waiting until someone is yelling fire!  I completely understand where having someone you don’t really know coming in and perhaps seeing “your dirty laundry” can be intimidating. Let me say “this isn’t my first rodeo.” and I sincerely doubt anything you bring to the table will shock me.  Remember I am not there to judge you. I am there to help you be successful and stay that way!  

Please call my office at (617) 719-2347 so that we may discuss exactly how I can help you.

Energetics of Success © Programs For Business

I have designed three basic programs to help get you started from where you are to the next level. Below you will find a brief description of the basic elements we will cover in each program. Each program is then tailored to your unique needs and that of your business. Please look them over and decide which one best describes you. It may help us move quicker into action During our Get Acquainted call.  The more you are aware of your needs, the better able I am to help you decide how we can best work together to fast track your success!

Pulling Away From 
The Pack 
You are well on your way, but are likely feeling the onset of  "burnout.” You just do not want to keep going 
at the pace you are, and you need 
to leverage your business. Communication and leadership skills are called to even greater levels of action now. We will focus on making sure you are on the mark in those areas and developing an even stronger work environment that supports higher levels of growth in your business. 
You require systems to accommodate your continued growth, additional support added to your team, and ways to automate some of your business so that you are able to make time to enjoy the fruits 
of your efforts.

Taking The Lead
​You clearly have a good thing going and want to do everything you can to keep it that way while enjoying even greater growth. It is time to be doing less of the day to day activities so you can direct your energy and creativity toward innovative ways to expand your business.

Your abilities as a strong leader are in even greater demand as you step more fully into your role as a CEO. Your team relies on you heavily now to inspire and motivate them to greater heights. You need to actively be creating visibility for your company and standing out as a solid
presence in your area of expertise to keep your business viable and customers wanting more!

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