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About Kathleen Field
How did you get to be a Peak Performance Results Mentor?

It’s been an interesting ride from the moment I entered into the business world in 1980 straight thru to today! I have always had an insatiable hunger to fully understand what makes people do what they do. I find it intriguing to look at what makes some people successful and others constantly scrambling just to stay afloat. So it was no surprise that during the twenty-plus years I operated a family business with my former husband, my passion for inspiring, motivating, and empowering people was at the forefront of all my work.

Early on we had the office in our home. When I had my first born that worked great. Yet by the time babies two and three came along, we had clearly outgrown the small office space. Let’s just say running the business while caring for three young children, was most times nothing short of a three ring circus! I could have been a repeat Grand Prize Winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos with everything the kids & dog got into while I tried to work. Yet despite all the craziness, we managed to build a company that started with a $50K a year gross income and built it into a Seven figure business at its prime.  

I gained invaluable experience and learned incredible lessons during those years. Sadly some of those lessons came a little too late, when in 2004 my husband and I could no longer hide from the reality that our marriage was over. We had spent so much time and energy building our business and focusing on how to create a stable life for our family, that we had lost site of other important elements along the way. Ones like taking enough time out for us, pursuing individual passions not related to business, not trying to do everything ourselves to save money, remembering to do things as a whole family, having a solid plan for our growth, etc….the list went on.

From there I found myself learning all new things. Lessons such as how to separate and divide the very same things we had worked so hard to build together. I learned how to broker the sale of a business from start to finish. I learned first hand what it took to lead a major transition within both a company and family structure. While there were certainly extremely sad times throughout the process, there were also some great ones that made us stronger people and better as a family today.

Looking back, clearly that was my defining moment. Right then I knew nothing made more sense than moving out into the business world on my own to mentor other business owners and professionals on how to achieve the levels of success they desire without loosing the life they dream of in the process…  

Working Smart In Life And Business was born!! 

Do you have a particular mentor who you feel advanced you along your path?

First let me answer that by saying I have been very fortunate to have many top level
teachers throughout my life who have shared incredibly helpful wisdom and insights with me. 

Yet in terms of a particular mentor, I would have to say Jack Canfield. While many people know Jack from his #1 N.Y. Times Best Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series, Jack is also a global leader in maximizing human potential and peak performance training. I have been very fortunate to work in both groups and individual one on one with Jack and his phenomenal team during a year long intensive mentoring program. Not only is Jack an endless source of information and inspiration, but he is an incredibly loving and accomplished man from top to bottom. I am so grateful I have and will continue to have him as part of my life moving forward. 

What types of people would benefit from working with you?

I work well with people from all walks of life and all types of businesses. I don’t know of a business owner today that wouldn’t benefit from making sure they are always Working Smart! Whether it is helping managers in larger companies build effective teams, or helping family businesses manage the many challenges they face today; I am there to support them in reaching exceptional and sustainable levels of achievement!

What type of client is your ideal client?

First and foremost my ideal client is highly motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to move their life and business forward. You are my ideal client if you have a great sense of humor, can brush yourself off and start over again, can work well with constructive input, and are a person of integrity. You are insightful and willing to venture out of your comfort zone and play full out. You like to think outside the box and have a much bigger vision for what you would like to accomplish. You are loving and dedicated to adding greater value to the world via the outstanding service you provide through your business and community focus! 

What type of client would your programs not work well for?

I am a straight shooter so I will come right out and say, if you are a whiner, a person who makes a million excuses to get out of accepting 100% responsibility for all your actions, or someone that isn’t totally committed to the work you are asking me to do with you, then we would not be a good match.

You cannot get the results you want unless both of us are totally committed to the process. My success depends upon your success. I simply would not even consider using your time or mine for anything less. ( I know you totally understand this!)

Also clients who do not have adequate finances or those who have a business in financial crisis where paying for my services would cause even greater hardship, would not be a suitable client. This is nothing against you — in fact, it is for you. If you are having severe cash flow problems, you are not going to be able to put the focus and commitment you will need in taking the steps necessary  for you to get the results you deserve and pay for!

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you fall into this category. Many of us have been there before. What defines who you really are is how you go about correcting it.

Here are a few things you can do right now to help yourself get some more money coming in!

1Do NOT beat yourself up…making yourself feel bad only lowers your energy level and is a killer to your self-worth. Remember it is often said that your Net Worth is directly tied to your Self Worth!

2. Make a list of all the different ways you can bring in alternate sources of income to help yourself get on track. Brainstorm a list with a goal of listing at least Fifty things you can do to make money. Do not discount anything – no matter how silly it sounds. Whenever I have a bigger goal for which I need to create new ways, to bring in money, 
I use this as a way for me to open my mind to possibilities I may not have seen before.  

3. If you haven't already go download my free Seven Critical Elements to Building an Exceptional Life and Business That You Don't Want Miss!

4. Take advantage of local networking groups where you can attend for free or low fee. This keeps you involved and connected with potential clients and helps you get a better feel for what your competition may be doing.

5. Often times too, your local library or community center will have free workshops on things like “Building Your Client List” - “How To Market Yourself”, etc…

6. Never EVER give up. My mentor, Jack Canfield, was rejected over 140 times when he was trying to have his first Chicken Soup For The Soul book published. Imagine that—140 times. Wow that took some tough skin. But now they are on their way to having sold ONE BILLION Chicken Soup For The Soul Books in over Thirty different languages. Now that is how to make it happen!

7. Remember fear is your worst enemy. It will freeze you in your tracks like nothing else. You are not making money unless you are out there making it happen. Do yourself a favor and ask for help. I don’t care if you physically need a friend to hold your hand while you are making an important phone call…DO IT! Success breeds success. Once you can feel even a little bit more empowered, you have a much better chance of letting go of the fear! 

When things turn around for you, and I know they will, perhaps then it will be time for us to work together. We can put a plan together for you – along with tools and strategies to keep you moving in the direction you desire. 

How would working with you help me on both a personal and business level?

My working model is a comprehensive package that integrates mentoring, consulting, and training to fast track your success. You will learn tools and strategies vital to having the life and business you dream of. My clients rave about my hands on approach. I roll up my sleeves and help you see first hand how to make things happen! 

Will I recover my investment?

Easily - I believe in setting people up for success in everything they do. Being able to live a life that is truly full and meaningful and or create and own a business that generates a profit-to me- is an absolute must. Remember in working with me, you focus on all aspects of your life and business. When all cylinders are firing at once, you are running full throttle. Your investment in this work should more than pay for itself with the immediate benefits you are seeing from the changes you are making in your life and business. That is of course so long as you remain committed to the process!

This all sounds really good to me, what should I do next?

I encourage anyone who is interested in working with me, to schedule a complimentary 20-30 minute “get-acquainted call.” This call gives both of us the chance to get a feel for whether or not we will be a good fit. You will be able to share your desired outcomes with me and ask any additional questions you may have. From there I can describe the various options you have for working with me. After that, if you want to get right to creating exceptional success, we can schedule your first appointment right then!!

Kathleen Field,
 Peak Performance Results Mentor 
I encourage anyone who is interested in working with me, to schedule a complimentary 20-30 minute “get-acquainted call.” This call gives both of us the chance to get a feel for whether or not we will be a good fit. You will be able to share your desired outcomes with me and ask any additional questions you may have. From there I can describe the various options you have for working with me. After that, if you want to get right to creating exceptional success, we can schedule your first appointment right then!
Interested in learning how Kathleen can help you?
“I had always wanted an 
adventurous life.  It took a long
 time to realize that I was the 
adventurous life happening to me.”  

- Richard Bach 

“People will try to tell you that all the great opportunities have been snapped up.  In reality, the world changes every second, blowing new opportunities in all directions, including yours.” 

- Ken Hakuta 

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