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Tanya Zucker – Owner of Pipeline Salon – www.pipelinesalon.com
Kathleen Field Clients
Scott Valcourt – Entrepreneur Massachusetts
Ann Finnie – Owner Footprints Holistic – www.footprintsholistic.com

From the minute I started working with Kathy, any preconceived ideas I had about what it was possible for me to achieve, were blown completely out of the water. Kathy quickly and effectively showed me how to play a much BIGGER game in my life and business. She has taught and continues to teach me strategies and techniques to grow my business in ways that not only bring me immediate results...but position me for solid continued growth.

Plus, because she has lived the challenges of balancing family and business, Kathy wasted no time in making sure that not only was my ability to run my business skyrocketing, but she made sure my personal and family life were following the same track of success. When I look back at all I have accomplished in the last 6 months, I am amazed. I can't wait to see what our work over the next 6 months produces!!!!! “  


Here’s how……When you enroll in one of my mentoring programs, or bring me in to consult, train or speak in your company, one of the first things I will share with you is how you can increase your chances of creating the Unlimited Success you desire with the least amount of stress. I firmly believe that whatever we are doing, we should be enjoying it. Stress is one of the worst buzz kills there are (not to mention the cause of many major health issues killing people every day). So working with me, that is the first thing to go! Here is what my clients have to say...   

I first met Kathy when my wife bought me a gift certificate for a session with her as a Christmas gift. Initially I saw her to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how people were using it to create incredible results in their lives. From that first session on (now over 2 years ago) I am still shaking my head at how much my life has changed. Kathy not only explained the Law of Attraction and how it relates to quantum physics in a way I could easily understand, but she sparked a fire within me and gave me a renewed sense of faith within myself that has never waivered to this day. Kathy is an outstanding mentor and consultant in not only business but in personal achievement as well. She has laser focus and was able to zero right in on issues that were holding me back. She then expertly showed me how to reprogram my thoughts and actions to create the results I DID want and lovingly held me responsible for making it happen!!! Kathy is top level and 100% committed to your success. Whenever I think of my work with Kathy over the last couple of years the terms "mind blowing" and "life altering" are the first to come to mind. She is someone I know I can continue to count on as I grow my business and live my best life.“  
“Kathy is an AMAZING mentor.  She has helped me not only set my life completely on course, but helped me re-energize my business.  Within just a few shorts months, my business has increased by Thirty-Three percent. - 33%!. She has literally “rolled up her sleeves” and showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to achieve the results I wanted. Kathy is 100% committed to excellence and passionate about making sure you feel totally supported and on course throughout the entire process. I simply cannot thank her enough!”

Gillian Blake – Milton, MA

“Shortly after I began my work with Kathy, I realized our meeting was about to be a pivotal point in my life. After years of intense self-work, I still had the sense that something was missing. I was really scared since I didn’t know how to change it. I needed a guide, a mentor.

From the moment I first started working with Kathy, all my problems just seemed to unravel –this big knotted up mess that I was in. Just as quickly, everything then came together in such a simple way. The way things just click when they’re happening the way they should. Kathy makes everything incredibly easy to understand.  I discovered that I’ve never really been a victim of anything but my own limited mindset. Kathy taught me how to begin to change my mindset, and work on being open to my spiritual connection. She taught me how to visualize my ideal life, how to proactively change my life by deciding what I want it to look like and feel like. Kathy has a calming and inspiring presence and an incredible ability to take various teachings (philosophies) and specifically connect them to my life and the lessons I need to learn. 

I have more control than I ever knew. Kathy helped me to see that the state of my life on any given day, at any given moment, is a direct result of my thinking. Whenever I am stuck in a certain way of thinking and feel SURE I am right; Kathy will often ask me, “How is that working for you?” Most of the time my answer is, “Not at all!” And then we laugh. Once she’s helped me identify whatever flaw is present in my thinking or behaviors, I can change those thoughts and change my life. If I visualize what I want, believe I will get it, and then “show up” to do the work, what I desire manifests in my life. I visualized the ideal job, a better living situation, and steps toward my chosen career path. My life has become easier, happier, and less plagued by anxiety and doubt. Kathy taught me that every moment is perfect. Everything is exactly as it should be. There is fearlessness in knowing that. I have learned to appreciate whether I like it or not at the time, the best approach to resolving an “issue” in my life, is sometimes to step back and ask my spiritual connection to show in loving truth, the essence of what truly needs to happen. I am so happy and grateful that Kathy is a part of my life.  Her insight and wisdom extend beyond the individual, beyond time, and space. Her gift is one she will share with you if you are open to accepting it; and from every part of me, I believe it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Thank you Kathy.......Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!

When I arrived for my first session with Kathy, I had no idea how much personal growth lay in store for me. I had been diagnosed with cancer and was struggling with financial issues, relationship issues, legal issues and more. I have had to confront a variety of situations, life changes, and problems which have been very difficult. Kathy has helped me to let go of my anger, sadness, fears and insecurities. She taught me a great number of problem solving and coping skills to help me through the tough times, and help me to embrace the good times. She has given me the ability to remember my own self worth,strengths, and my zest for life. She has taught me that I can have anything I want in life and that positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. I am so thankful to her for all she has given me and for who she is as a person. Kathy has supported me through extraordinary life circumstances. She is compassionate, clear and free of platitudes. Today my life is much more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. Along the way I discovered that I have the power to make my life change for the better. I have much yet to accomplish, but with Kathy’s help I feel empowered. I think everyone could benefit from her unique and insightful perspectives. I am very blessed to have her in my life and would highly recommend her to anyone. Kathy has a wonderful gift of healing. She has helped me to discover exactly what is holding me back from achieving and accomplishing what I desire in my life.”  

K.H. – New England

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